Puzzles With A Purpose - Clinic 1A Case & Duke Eye Center Concourse Cases

  • July 01, 2022 - August 12, 2022
Duke Clinics Building, First Floor, Concourse, Clinic 1A Case - On Site Exhibition

"After serving two years in a Hatian orphanage we returned home to North Carolina. Our son a the time was making poly furniture and had excess scrap's which he gave to us, suggesting we see what we can do with them. Using a puzzle made by my late grandpa Hostetter we took dimensions from his puzzle and now make puzzles from recycled milk jugs and plastic. Our puzzles are great for stimulating cognitive skills development, for therapy, stroke and Alzheimer's patients and persons with learning diffulculties...all from a legacy of grandpa!" - Lewis Strite

These puzzles are designed to stimulate cognitive skill and creative imagination. It comes with a collection of 64 design patterns to copy and there are many more arrangements for your imagination. Lots of probable creative fun for all ages. It can also be of helpful use for therapy programs.

This exhibit is located in the Clinic 1A display case and the Duke Eye Center display cases in Duke North.

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