• July 01, 2022 - August 23, 2022
Arts & Health Galleries - On Site Exhibition

Light In the Garden art installation is a celebration of the quiet and happy moments in life. Most of the pieces are the florals and landscapes that inspire peace and joy away from the noise of the world. Many of the pieces are from the gorgeous scenes in Duke Gardens.

Lois makes art because it makes her happy. She paints expressively with tons of color. Dramatic, exaggerated, subtle, ephemeral, reflected - all of it, she loves color in all its forms! Her goal for each painting is to share the beauty she sees and express the joy she feels in creating the piece with the viewer.

Lois graduated from NCSU School of Design with a degree in Visual Design, with her favorite classes in illustration. After graduation, she spent seventeen years as an art director and designer for the internet and high-tech fields. She loved the constant challenge of how to create beautiful functional materials with an ever-changing and growing technology. Her background in design sparked a love of all things beautiful - color, line, value, composition, design. All these she brings to her paintings.

She traded in her art direction career for stay-at-home motherhood for many years but continued to work on creative projects during small cherished hours. She still missed the regular creative outlet and especially painting. With her child's growing independence, she now has time to dedicate to painting. She started back up several years ago and continues to explore and follow her favorite passion, watercolor.


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