Three Mississippi

  • Glass
  • 116 x 128.75 x 1 in
  • Janet Flom

MSP Terminal 1, Gate C6 (Women's Restroom)

The Mississippi River is the greatest of the many lakes and rivers in Minnesota. Its journey from its source to the Gulf of Mexico is 2,350 miles, making it the 4th longest river in the world.

One Mississippi features the river’s headwaters in northern Minnesota where Lake Itasca spills over stepping stones – 18 feet wide and only a few feet deep – allowing one to wade across.

Two Mississippi looks downriver at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis, the location of the only true waterfall on the entire Mississippi River.

Three Mississippi shows St. Paul silhouetted against the setting sun, as strings of barges wait to carry commodities up and down the river.

Approximately 100,000 pieces of Venetian and vitreous glass tile were laid in traditional Opus Vermiculatum (“worm-like”) style, just as in ancient times. Compositional arcs and a limited color palette were used to visually connect the three mosaics images.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape
  • Created: 2016
  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Gate C6
  • Collections: Mosaics

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