The Leap of Joy

  • Acrylic
  • Philip Noyed

MSP Terminal 2, Gate H14

"The Leap of Joy" is inspired by air travel and by Henri Matisse's painting, Bonheur de Vivre (The Joy of Life). While developing the artwork, the Noyed thought of the joy of life, the joy of color and the joy of travel.

Comprised of a 25-foot long angled lightbox that springs into an arc of free-floating rainbow diamonds that culminates in a figure called "Rainbow Leaper." The arc of the images and the leaper follows the arc of an airplane taking off. This installation speaks to the magic of air travel and quantum leaping forward into the future.

All of the colors of the rainbow are shown in the angle starting with red and ending with violet. The diamonds invert the colors of the rainbow from violet to red and then there is a rainbow diamond immediately before the "Rainbow Leaper." All of the images are original photographs that the artist made of his paintings, and digitally manipulated for this installation.

The images are Lambda prints surface mounted onto acrylic. The "Rainbow Leaper" is constructed of aluminum and covered in rainbow vinyl.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
  • Created: 2017
  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 2, Gate H14

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