MSP Terminal 1, Gate F4 Display Case
April 2021 - April 2022

At the core of these artworks are the forms, textures, and shapes found in one location: Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. Cameron’s impressions of this fascinating landscape are embodied in unconventional formats that seem just as organic as the natural subjects they depict.

Taking cues from rivers, watercourses, their accompanying geological features, waterfalls, cauldrons, and coastal forests, Cameron’s digital collages of original and found photographs suggest a narrative, but none is there. His 3-D works, like impressionist landscape paintings on abstract sculpture, seem more concerned with craftsmanship than with convention or category.

"By observing and collecting images, experiences, emotional responses, and ideas inspired by the natural world, I record the intimate patterns and forces that nature enacts on the environment - the textures, rhythms, symmetry and asymmetry, the essences of nature’s abstract forms. This is the raw material for my art." -Cameron Zebrun

  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Gate F4
  • Collections: Exhibitions
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