Silver Nocturne by Ekaterina Kazachenko  Image: "Apple Orchard at Dusk," 2015, Oil on Canvas
"Apple Orchard at Dusk," 2015, Oil on Canvas

MSP Terminal 1, Gallery E4
October 2021 - October 2022

Working from her home studio in New Hope, Minnesota, Ekaterina Kazachenko paints scenes that are reflections of her Russian heritage. Her work conveys childhood memories, feelings, and forebodings with an almost musical quality.

Beginning at the age of 15 at the College of Art in her hometown of Perm, Kazachenko dedicated herself to a formal education in painting, earning two fellowships from the Artists Union of Russia and eventually earning her Ph.D. from the Russian Art Academy in Kazan.

The reserved, silvery palette of her homeland continues to be her core inspiration: “There is a feeling of timelessness born from landscapes of middle and northern Russia with the domes of old churches, bends of rivers and discreetly coppiced timbers that, with their leisure and majesty, resemble a prayer ritual,” says Kazachenko.

Memories of childhood and experiences from adolescence remain important in helping to define Kazachenko’s path as an artist. Uncovering connections between generations is one of her greatest challenges.

  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Gate E4
  • Collections: Exhibitions
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