Seasons of Change

  • Ceramic
  • 108 x 110 x 1 in
  • Barbara Benson Keith

MSP Terminal 1, Gate E8 (Women's Restroom)

To achieve pure happiness and calm, I have the perfect formula:

Step 1 - Take a blanket and spread it out in the woods.

Step 2 - Lie down on the blanket.

Step 3 - Look up into the treetops. Relax. Dream. Think.

Any season is fine. Winter may be a little chilly, but still it has its own rewards. The two seasons I recommend are spring and fall. In spring, the woods are airy and filled with light. The spring green color is fresh and crisp. The birch trees don't bother with too many branches until they reach the sky.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape
  • Created: 2012
  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Gate E8
  • Collections: Mosaics

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