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April 2021 - April 2022

Across Minnesota, amid the acres of corn and soybeans, are thriving communities producing some of the world’s most exotic flowers.

Local painter Jacque Rosenau takes a closer look at these natural marvels.

"I spend my seasons seeking out these flowers to paint their portraits. I was trained as a traditional painter but have since converted my painting studio into a digital studio. The options to paint using a computer offers all the colors I can imagine and the ability to get closeup and paint details." – Jacque Rosenau

Minnesota’s soil is rich, yielding food, natural materials, and even artistic inspiration. There are farms devoting acreage to growing peonies, developing hundreds of varieties sought after by growers worldwide. The peony shown here is from the Countryside Gardens Peony Farm just outside of Minneapolis. The peony is a long-admired flower found locally, growing for generations.

Blooming in May and June, Iris bogs at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum grow over 500 specimens of both bearded and non-bearded types. Jacque finds her inspiration here at one of the premier horticultural field laboratories in the country.

Minnesota’s active orchid growing community continues to develop new specimens. Jacque finds the most alluring orchids at St. Paul’s Marjorie McNeely Conservatory during the Winter Carnival, when orchid collectors converge to display the largest collection of orchids in the region.

"In discovering the varied contributions from neighborhood gardens to horticultural specialists, I have found a treasure of diversity and beauty that has inspired me as a floral portrait artist." -Jacque Rosenau

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