MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall South

Pointillism, the technique of creating images through a complexity of individual dots, was popularized by George Seurat in the late 1880s. Minneapolis painter Douglas Trego celebrates this technique with modern compositions of time-worn scenes.

"The work presented in this exhibit is an expression of who I am as an artist and a journey in my life from various geographic areas. My inspiration is derived not only from the Impressionism painters, but also my ancestors William T. Trego and his father Jonathan K. Trego who made their living as 19th Century painters.

"An initial interest in art led me to the Technical Illustration program at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, MN. Working with pointillism to create an image was something I enjoyed during college. These works illustrate my uses of black ink, colored acrylic ink, and my current use of oil pant. It is my objective to grow and continue expanding this technique with oil paint through various subject matter. " -Douglas Trego

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