MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall Gallery
January 2021 - January 2022

Centered around the theme "Passages," this multifaceted exhibition showcases the cultural and historical significance of Northeast Minneapolis. A curated collection of 21 works of art combined with a digital slide show of works by 180 artists exemplify the quality and diversity of the artwork produced in the neighborhood. Historical informational panels offer a glimpse into its storied development.

Artwork on display by:
Barbara Riegel Bend
Owen Brown
Kat Corrigan
Peter d'Ascoli - Sixth-Ring Ceramics
Susan Feigenbaum
Gail Grabow
Emily Gray Koehler
Karen Kraco
Greg Lecker
Joyce Lyon
Aldo Moroni
Steve Olson
Faye Passow
Claudia Poser
Sarah Sampedro
Holly Streekstra
Holly Newton Swift
Andy Tinkham - Geeky Monkey Photography
Vicki Underland-Rosow
Susan Weinberg
Terri Wentzka

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