Night Lights

  • Terrazzo
  • 1080 x 324 x 1 in
  • Andrea Myklebust and Stanton G. Sears

MSP Terminal 2, Security Checkpoint 2

"Night Lights" is a 2,100 square foot terrazzo floor inspired by nighttime views from the windows of airplanes. In a field of deep color, clusters of brightly colored epoxy terrazzo and glass are scattered like jewels in a dark cloth. At first glance, the patterns suggest galaxies, star clusters or constellations, but a closer inspection reveals that the patterns are generated by human activity: the big cities, small towns, and thoroughfares of commerce and transportation. At the center of the designs (and the center of the terminal building itself), is a circular medallion depicting the pattern of the runways and taxiways of the MSP International Airport. Intersecting this central motif is a forty-five foot wide ellipse within which are playful illustrations related to faraway places in the directions indicated. Art elements in the pieces were generated using opalescent glass rods, colored epoxy terrazzo, brass, and water-jet cut zinc plate. Overall dimensions of the work are approximately 27’ x 90’ and more than 1,500 individual elements comprise the “lights” in the map-like design. The CAD design for the project was completed by Minneapolis artist Brad Kaspari.

  • Subject Matter: Illustration
  • Created: 2001
  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 2, Pre-Security
  • Collections: Floors

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