Land of Sky Blue Waters

  • Lonnie Broden

MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall North
Oct. 2020 - Oct. 2021

Each year I travel to the “Lake Country” of northern Minnesota to paint spectacular Lake Superior which transforms with each season, each month, each day, and minute by minute.

Standing on an overlook, I set up my easel with a canvas and capture what I see before me both in oil paint and with my digital camera. Within three hours, I have completed the first phase of a piece of art that blends traditional impressionist oil painting with digital photography.

Back in my studio, I photograph the painting, then download that photo and the photographs I took while painting. Using computer software, I layer and blend the painting with photographs or parts of photographs. Sometimes I include a scanned pallet and often a drawing. While the painting happens quickly and spontaneously, the print takes much longer to complete – sometimes years.

My hope is that viewers will be attracted to my work by the sheer beauty of that cold, historic lake, and be curious enough to discover the details, patterns and surprising juxtapositions that digital photographs add.

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  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall
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