MSP Terminal 1, Airport Director's Office
February 2021 - February 2022

I create art that reflects my experiences without being bound to particular mediums; my art reflects my passion to create in the moment. I am an ethnic artist, photographer, graphic designer, fine artist, and art instructor.

Photography is my way of telling the story of my travels. I love to capture the feeling of a place with architecture and history in mind. My photographs reflect my love for colors, texture, old buildings, and the ever-changing displays of mother earth.

My experience as an artist grows as I continue my journey in the art world. At the same time, I remain in touch with my own ethnic background, so I am constantly finding ways to bridge the gap between old and new, and trying to connect this past, present and future.

About triptychs:
For one of my clients, when discussing the layout & selections of artwork in her space, we molded the selections into series of three, and my triptychs series was born. I carefully curate selections based on color, perspective, & overall feeling to create a story in the imagination of the viewer. With these and all my photographs, I hope for you to see India through my eyes and experience the joy I felt in capturing these moments.

  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 1, Airport Director's Office
  • Collections: Exhibitions
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