MSP Terminal 1, Gate E4 Display Case

Soon-Wai Wong is a Contemporary Intuitive Artist whose work recalls with fervent energy, points of significance in his life. Soon-Wai has been drawing since he was ten years old. Over time, these works have grown in complexity and scale. Soon-Wai’s recent work has focused on the world travels that he has taken with his father. Together, they have visited over ten countries, all over the globe.

As a person with Autism, Soon-Wai and his father find traveling to be a matter of planning. His father describes him as a person who is gung-ho to decide what will happen next in the day: what to eat, where to explore, and how to get there.

In the time in between each vacation, Soon-Wai remembers his travels fondly by drawing from photographs that his father has taken along the way. He chooses his favorite photographs, which are printed to the scale he wishes to recreate them. He draws each detail meticulously, moving the pencil back and forth between the reference and his drawing to measure every fine detail. Soon-Wai’s method of observing perspective is self-taught and intuitive.

His favorite travel destinations so far? Paris and Rome.

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