Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

  • Ceramics
  • Northern Clay Center

MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall Gallery
Mar 23, 2019 - Jan 15, 2020

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is the uniquely Minnesotan name for the childhood game called Duck, Duck, Goose in every other region around the country. Likewise, in the ceramics community, no matter the title, some things are inherently the same across regions. Ceramics, ceramist, pottery, potter, claywork, and maker are all words employed to describe the artists working and the objects made in the community of clay. No matter the moniker, the reality in each of our Midwest states is the same: There is incredible diversity and talent among ceramic artists in our region. This exhibition celebrates the regionally unique field of ceramics and highlights over a dozen makers from the area who push the boundaries of the material, honor the unparalleled lineage of ceramics in the Midwest, and expand the viewers’ understanding of the importance of this area’s place in the world of clay.

This exhibit was organized by Northern Clay Center. Participating artists are: Brad Bachmeier, ND; Andy Bisonnette, MN; Kelly Connole, MN; Nicholas Darcourt, MN; Amanda Dobbratz, MN; Gerit Grimm, WI; Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery, MN; Guillermo Guardia, ND; Summer Hills-Bonczyk, MN; Al Holen, IN; Ani Kasten, MN; Mika Negishi Laidlaw, MN; Kate Maury, MN; Keisuke Mizuno, MN; Heather Nameth Bren, MN; Mike Norman, MN; Jen Rogers, IA; Todd Shanafelt, MN; Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso, IA; and Xiliam Balam Ybarra, MN.

Northern Clay Center advances the ceramic arts for artists, learners, and the community, through education, exhibitions, and artist services.

Ongoing programs include exhibitions by contemporary regional, national, and international ceramic artists, as well as historical and architectural ceramics; classes and workshops for children and adults at all skill levels; special outreach programs geared towards site-specific populations; studio space and grants for artists; and a sales gallery representing many top ceramic artists from the region and elsewhere.

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