• Ceramic
  • 102.25 x 72 x 1 in
  • Lori Greene

MSP Terminal 2, Pre-Security, Level 1, Checkpoint 1 (Men's Restroom)

Water is the heart of Minnesota. From our 10,000 lakes to the myriad of rivers and streams that populate our state, water is the lifeblood that flows through us, and none greater than the Mississippi River. The river, running through the heart of the U.S. like a liquid equator, provides critical habitat for our birds, animals and fish, fuels our recreational pursuits, connects our communities, plays a vital role in our infrastructure, and defines Minnesota as the source of its majesty. To be Minnesotan is to be connected to the river, connected to water. This work is an ode to that connection and a definition of what makes Minnesota such a beautiful place to live.

  • Subject Matter: Illustration
  • Created: 2017
  • Current Location: MSP Terminal 2, Pre-Security
  • Collections: Mosaics

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