Ansley Pye

Review by Kevin Richard - Artist and Archetypal Pattern Analyst

When first viewing Ansley’s work, one is brought into the field of emotions that do not initially possess words.  Such is the way when images are powerful.  Her abstractions are both familiar and mysterious.  It is like the dreams where we are in unknown places and yet it feels as if part of us has been there before.  Ansley’s work strikes this cord for me.  I am drawn into the tension of what is known and the deep mystery of our inner and outer worlds.  In each piece, there is an inherent emotion being framed by color, value, and form.  It would be difficult for the viewer not to feel the tranquility of the blue or the passion and fire of the red.  Although the canvas defines the space, ironically it does not capture the scale, for the energy projects outward and touches one viscerally.  We then enter the world of relationship, begin a dialogue, and subsequently hope to find the authentic words that describe the emotions being expressed and felt by each piece.

Kevin Richard