Anne Cowell

Wild Spirit

  • Pastel
  • 55 x 76 cm
    (21.65 x 29.92 in)
  • Anne Cowell
  • Gifted

LARGE piece - full size printmakers paper 22 x 30 inches. Background with soft pastels and alcohol wash. Completed in soft pastels, building up layers, softening, adding details until the piece 'howled' at me that it was done. I absolutely loved working so big with such a beautiful subject and process was great fun. I was so happy with the outcome, that I was actually gutted that this one was gifted as I would have liked to have kept it!!!

Reference thanks to Milo Weiler @ Unsplash

  • Subject Matter: Wolf
  • Created: September 2021
  • Inventory Number: 210911
  • Collections: Wildlife
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