Anne Cowell

This painting has a bit of a story...early in 2020 my sister, Heather, moved to UK from South Africa and her husband was to follow a few months later. Enter Covid!!! Friends of Heather's invited her to stay with them during the first lockdown - I think she was there for about three months. Such generous people! I offered to paint their gorgeous dog for her to give them as thanks. This lovely young Weimaraner, Roxy, was a close companion to my sister during those months. So we decided on a reference photo which I was to do in a realistic style, and this is the result. When I showed my sister, she told me that the dog isn't brown, it's more grey. I had thought that (I'd met Roxy on our video calls), but I followed the photo we had decided on! Haha what a silly mistake. Just shows how lighting can change colours. Anyway we both liked the outcome, so I offered to do a second painting in a less realistic style in the correct colour palette! (How's that for sisterly love and devotion?)

  • Subject Matter: Dog
  • Created: 2020
  • Inventory Number: 200816
  • Collections: Dogs, Pets
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