Anne Cowell

Norman & Mollie

  • Pastels
  • 30 x 42 cm
    (11.81 x 16.54 in)
  • Anne Cowell
  • Gifted

Collection: People x

Painted this of my parents as a birthday gift to my amazing Mum for her 100th birthday in January 2020. Fortunately we were still able travel back in January of 2020 so I flew to South Africa from New Zealand to celebrate. It was a wonderful few days with love and laughter and great food and as well as celebrating with my mum, I got to see sisters, nephews, cousins and family friends. It was a fantastic time for us all, but particularly for Mum who has basically been in 'covid prison' at the frail care centre most of the time since then. However she is happy to have this painting to look at everyday, and feels not only my Dad's love, but also the love that went into creating the artwork. So glad I persevered with this piece - Dad came together pretty well, but my mother was tricky (that's putting it midly - she was really difficult)...haha payback time, I reckon!

  • Subject Matter: Person
  • Created: 2019
  • Inventory Number: 191010
  • Collections: People
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