Andrea L Edmundson

Spring Rain, West Central Park

  • Glass & found items on MDF, tapestry method
  • 15.5 x 13 x 1 in
  • $395.00
  • Andrea L Edmundson

I’m a curator of bling and, perhaps, a bling hoarder. Whenever I find cast-off items like broken jewelry, vintage metal buttons, uniquely twisted pieces of metal, or beads and art glass, I organize them into homogenous bins. I say homogenous, but I cannot always explain why each element is part of a certain group. They may simply be “Earth Tones” or they may be “Copper” or “Pet Bling.” But suddenly, I will look at a bin and I know: THIS represents [inspiration of the day]!

Suddenly, I flashed back to decades ago when I visited Central Park in New York. I was a bit intimidated by the huge park, so I decided to stay on the periphery. As a gawking tourist on a gray rainy day, I looked up and saw a spectacular art-deco style building! I’ve always remembered that contrast between the softer shapes and colors of the garden and the edgy architecture. Thus, was born my mosaic, "Spring Rain West Central Park"...a bit cool and a bit warm, all at the same time.

In this case, I had a lot of tarnished silver and dark bronze or black bling. I had a lot of flower-like pieces, as well as tear drop shapes, which created a feeling of sky, rain, clouds, and then flowers and a garden. But what about all that rectangular bling? I had an equivalent amount of square and oblong tesserae (very non-organic looking) that contrasted with the more organic bling.

Second place winner, Cornerstone Hospital Exhibit November 2019.
"A stunning textural composition that is a parade of infinite detail, each piece of the assemblage contributing to the whole, yet commanding attention to itself. The artist thoughtfully placed each item with purpose and respect."

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