Andrea L Edmundson

Blue Flower (table)

  • Mosaic on 3-D item
  • 18 x 45 x 27.5 in
  • $325.00
  • Andrea L Edmundson

I found this sturdy table on roadside with cobalt blue paint and I knew I had scrap glass to match. I cut the tesserae (ugh) from old glass supply. I say 'ugh' because those of you who know me also know that I prefer to work from nipped scrap. Cutting glass reminds me of stained glass work, which I found to precise. This mosaic just came together while I was sipping coffee in the early morning on our patio. If it doesn't sell, I'm okay keeping it! If someone really wants it, please click on "Inquire" and I'll consider it. :-)

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