Andrea L Edmundson

Agave Garden (bird bath)

  • Glass & found items on 3D substrate
  • 38 x 21 x 21 in
  • $395.00
  • Andrea L Edmundson

This is a solid concrete, large, heavy birdbath. I built the agave leaves and lined them in the bowl. I mosaicked them to look like an "Arizona Star Agave" (agave weberi). I mosaicked the stand and the bottom of the bowl to resemble Arizona's rocky soil. I painted the flowers on the stand to match desert species. Lastly, I designed and built the smaller agave leaves to add dimension to the fountain. This latter piece is removable so that you can clean the bird bath easily. This bird bath is meant to be used, not just looked at. As additional protection against the elements (although cement is about as tough as you can get for Arizona), I also added an undercoat of waterproofing primer. All of the grout is sealed, as well.

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