• Oil On Canvas
  • 20 x 30 in
  • Abigail McBride
  • Sold

I've taken to bringing in cuttings from the garden and making a tiny windowsill garden. This window gets a good amount of sunlight pouring through. It's fascinating to me to watch the resilience of what appear to be delicate flowers. They are cut from their origin and placed in an entirely foreign place of glass and water. The little plants spontaneously sprout roots that grow in a swirl in the water. The root systems that are normally hidden in dirt are exposed through the glass and glowing light. Once the roots are established I move them back to the garden to thrive.

Bearing witness to the cycle has made me reflect on beauty, strength and resilience. Uprooting, enduring and thriving. I see parallels everywhere: adoption, military families, refugees. My windowsill is now like a tiny theatre playing out the dramas of life.

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