Water's Pathway

  • cherry and pine wood, glass mosaic
  • 80 x 24 x 18 in
  • aaron d laux

Water's Pathway is made from cherry and pine woods, inlaid with glass mosaic. Natural bark is left attached to the cherry staves and then laminated together to form undulating shapes. An innovative technique is used to set the glass into the bark surface. Inspiration for this piece is derived from the natural world and is a Biophilic design intended to accentuate the built environment.

"Water's Pathway" references the journey of H2O as it descends for thousands of years deep into the earth's aquifers. The phase transformation from solid, to liquid, to gas, and the fall of rain into the rivers, lakes and oceans. It is about the water that comprises the bulk of our own bodies and once saturated the very wood this sculpture was made from. The simple essential fact is water carries all life. I built this sculpture contemplating the nuances, subtleties, positive and negative traits of the most valuable shared resource on this planet.

This sculpture represents a new direction in my work as well as new techniques that I developed to achieve this design. The natural bark face is a new take on live edge and is intended to elicit the sense of a living form, the organic water inlay of mosaic glass provides a balanced compliment to the textural surface of the bark.

Water's Pathway
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