Conference table

  • Walnut and glass
  • 30 x 336 x 204 in
  • aaron d laux

The design of this sculptural table is meant to evoke a dream-like state of consciousness. It is a “Reflection Table” that connects us to our intuitive selves and the natural world. Flowing organic shapes define this artwork and merge with the architecture. Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, natural and man made. The base section gives the sense of emerging from the floor like a fruiting body from mycelium, offering a glimpse into an unseen subterranean world. Opening the mind to ideas beyond what is visible.
This table was made out of reclaimed, urban walnut wood that was cut onsite. In an effort to adopt sustainable building practices. It was built by stack-laminating layer upon layer of walnut, with spacing between, to allow light to pass through the hollow forms of the base. The placement of each piece of wood was a meditative act, mirroring the growth of cells, interlocking to form a whole organism. Frosted glass was set into laminated leaf shapes on the table top, hinting at the volume of the pedestal base's interior. The play of light through the glass enlivens the feeling of motion, flowing shapes as if caught in a river's stream.
A reflection of the cyclical movement of life, the interconnected weave within which life exists. Built with the intent to create a space that is conducive to holistic and creative thinking. Sitting at this table in a place devoted to life science research, fosters a connection to a source of inspiration through Biophilic design.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract, free form, landscape, nature inspired
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