Once someone is interested in your art, wouldn’t it be nice to have them keep coming back for more?

Actually, previous art buyers are the perfect audience to sell to because they’ve already fallen in love with your work. All it takes is a simple reminder about your art business to jog their memory and spark in them what they loved so much the first time around.

So, how do you do this strategically? We’ll show you how. Follow these three steps to stay favorable in the minds of art buyers, so they keep coming back for more art. Take a look:

1. Use Your Contact List

You can’t sell art if it’s not on anyone’s radar. So, why not utilize the people that you know are already interested in your work? That’s where a contact list comes in handy.

Here are a few easy things you can do to grow your contact list. First, set out a guest book to collect names and email addresses at your gallery opening, art fair, or any event where fans come to view your art. Then, include buttons on your website and social media accounts where fans can sign up for your email newsletter.

TIP: It’s always more enticing to give out your information when you instantly see the reward. Try offering an exclusive deal for signing up, such as a 10 percent discount or free shipping on their next piece.

Now that you have those email addresses, put them to good use by sending out a newsletter. This can be incredibly powerful tools for artists — Debra Joy Groesser sells a painting from every monthly newsletter she sends out.

The key to a successful newsletter is to keep it interesting, not overly sales-driven. Whether you host a giveaway, blog about your recent residency travels, or include an invite to your latest show, the fun content marketing in your monthly newsletter will keep your art in good favor and always on the brain. You never know when someone will be ready to make a purchase!

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2. Same Goes for Social Media

Another way to stay present in the minds of your buyers is through social media. You must provide your followers with valuable content — posts that draw fans into your art business and occasionally calls them to action. Make it easy to stay connected with your studio by linking to accounts in your newsletter, website, and Artwork Archive Public Page.

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3. Provide Good Customer Service

Whether you are personally replying to comments on Facebook or sending a handwritten thank you note after a purchase, your customers will appreciate how fun and easy it is to work with you. So, if they ever do want to buy another piece of art, they won’t have any hesitations about the process.

You can even win back angry art customers by responding the right way. Going the extra mile to make sure your clients are happy will help you greatly in the long run.

So, what’s they key?

Take care of your art customers. Constantly providing them something of value, from the way you write a newsletter to handling a transaction, will remind them why they love your art business and to buy another piece.

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