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Artwork Archive | November 7, 2018

“We need to focus on protecting our environment now more than ever,” urged the latest climate reports.

So, we put artists to the task!

In our latest call for entries, we asked artists to illuminate this important issue and share artworks that captured their existing natural landscape or addressed the climate and environment in some way.

And your entries did not disappoint! We received hundreds of thought-provoking pieces that left us both in awe of the beautiful world we live in and even more inspired to protect it.

Take a look at some of our favorites from our “Environment First” art competition.

“Oiltide, study” by Mark Heine, 1st place

"Undimmed by Human Tears" by Vincent Mattina, 2nd place

“Beautiful Sight” by Camilla Dowse, 3rd place

“After the Rain” by Josef Kote

“Solitude” by Jill Poyerd

“Fossil Fuel” by Josh Talbott

“Swimming Lessons” by Leslie Franklin

“Mistaken Case of Turtles at Fort Kochi Beach, Kerala, India” by Mrugen Rathod

“The New River running through Ashe County, North Carolina” by Katie Brooks

“Rainmaker” by Layne Johnson


A big thank you to everyone who submitted!

We were truly inspired by all of the incredible submissions that we received—over 750 in total! Thank you for sharing your environmental works with us, and we urge you to please continue shedding light on the worldwide issue of climate change.

Even small changes can make a big impact! If you want to make a difference in your own life, look at these actionable tips to reduce the carbon footprint of your art studio.

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