45 Artists to Purchase Gifts From for Small Business Saturday

Artwork Archive | November 16, 2020

Purchasing artwork online can help support artists on Small Business Saturday.

While many of us won’t be gathering as families or having holiday celebrations as we have in past years, it doesn’t mean that we can’t spread happiness and show our love and appreciation for the important people in our lives. As more gifts will be purchased online this year, it's more important than ever to support artists online.

Plus, did you know that looking at artwork is proven to reduce stress? You can help support the arts and alleviate stress by purchasing gifts from artists this year. 

At Artwork Archive we have tens of thousands of artists from all over the world who use us to not just organize their artworks but also to showcase their work from their Public Profiles.

This year we compiled a list of Artwork Archive artists for you to browse and buy from. Feel good about giving your family and friends the perfect gift while also supporting artists. Your gift giving supports small artist businesses and fuels the creativity that our societies need so much. 

There’s something on this list for everyone and art gifts for all price ranges. 

Rock Cup by Eliza Weber at 1+1 Gallery. Cone 6 soda fired, 4 x 3.5 in (10.16 x 8.89 cm) $50.00

Gifts under $50

You can give original artworks without breaking the bank and support these eight artists hailing from the United States to the United Kingdom to Brazil.

  1. 1+1=1 is a gallery in Helena, Montana that represents ceramicists, jewelry makers, printers, sculpture artists, woodworkers, and more! You’re sure to find something beautiful and interesting while supporting artists. We love Eliza Weber’s ceramic cups and Andrew Rivera’s stone glazed tumblers.

  2. Looking for works that are already framed and ready to give? We love Colorado artist Kim Roberts’ watercolor and ink collection.

  3. For playful and color-rich abstractions check out painter, Anne M. Thiel. Not only can you purchase her original artwork, but you can also buy phone cases, mugs, and clocks with her art printed on them. 

  4. For cheerful and colorful work ready to be mounted on a wall, explore Julea Boswell’s abstract paintings.

  5. Artist Amber Gavin is the perfect choice for hanging planters and to-go mug ceramics. She is a part of the River Arts gallery in Wisconsin; check out other River Arts artists here!

  6. Collage, taxidermy, and fabrics (oh my!). Check out California artist Jennifer Frost. 

  7. Give art that can travel with embroidery postcards. Juliana Naufel makes prints that play with past, present, and politics. Explore her Artwork Archive inventory and collections and then head to her Eshop.

  8. Artbooks and postcards make beautiful small gifts and stocking stuffers. East Sussex artist Caroline Fraser has greeting card sets and artist books on offer along with her photography.

  9. Does anyone in your life need a very sweet puffin themed journal? We thought so. We love Elly Sutherland’s whimsical embroidery and 3D fabric creations. Sutherland is on exhibit with the Biggar Little festival created to showcase artists and make art accessible during COVID-19.

Hardback Notebook with a Puffin Removable Cover, Freestyle Machine Embroidery on Linen by Elly Sutherland through Biggar Little Festival. 21.5 x 16 x 3 in £15.00


Gifts between $50 and $100

Find niche art gifts that are just right for your loved ones, like greyhound textiles and handcrafted jewelry, and feel good about supporting the creatives who made them.

  1. Fluid acrylics are the name of Josh Dennee’s game. He combines his background in studio art and industrial design to create art chemistry experiments.

  2. New Zealand artist Liz Mcauliffe interprets nature through carving and painting. Her sculptural jewelry and pendants are a sweet treat. 

  3. For the dog lovers in your life, check out fiber artist and greyhound enthusiast Laura Brady. You’ll see her greyhounds photographed with her quilts and muli-media works. Splurge with yarn sculptures and quilts or buy a free motion applique Brown Dog Tote for $55.

  4. Maarten Westmass has photos and prints of Netherlandish landscapes. Browse his Instagram to see how he conceptualized his photos work within the tradition of Dutch landscapes. His photos and prints are a great gift for art history nerds or Northern European enthusiasts.  

  5. Have aspiring collage artists or magazine junkies in your life? James Joel Holmes has a huge collection of available artworks. For artworks between $50 and $100 we like his Panpsychicae in Chaosi Collection.

  6. For silver and sculptural jewelry look to Mexico City artist Ana Gabriela Rodriguez. Her rings, whether resin, silver, or sculptural scenes are sure to delight. 

  7. Artist Debra Sutherland creates textile art and digital fabrics, both that you can wear or that you can hang on your walls. 

Disney Color Study #1 by Meg Roberts Arsenovic. Faux fur strips on paper, 7 x 7 x 0.5 in (17.78 x 17.78 x 1.27 cm). $125.00


Gifts between $100 and $150 

Bring on the multi-dimensional art and colorful abstracts, add some artistic furniture too—why not!

  1. Whimsical faux fur swirls? Get excited about this unique adjective pairing with artist Meg Roberts Arsenovic’s playful and uplifting art. Her Disney Swirls Collection hits the price mark just right. 

  2. Clare Smith’s works on paper explore identity, multiculturalism, and relationship to place. She uses materials related to her own identity, like Chinese calligraphy practice paper, while blending styles and subjects to include the viewer in her artistic tangle. 

  3. For art with wings check out artist Steffanie Lorig. We love her Rorschach insects and wall birds.

  4. Artist Ryan Sarah Murphy creates art you not only want to stare at but that you want to touch. Explore her colorful and textural multimedia works and bus photography.

  5. Explore the idea of home and abstraction with artist Mara Manning. Her Under One Roof Collection brings color, dimension, and meaning together in her 3D sculptural works.

  6. Hertfordshire artist Pratima Kramer specializes in multi-media and ceramic figures inspired by her Indian heritage. Her Wall Pieces and Birds are a great place to start browsing for gifts.

  7. For colorfully painted crowd-pleasers, artist Lesley Grainger and her Favorite Things Collection have you covered. 

  8. Intergalactic coffee tables? Australian artist Gayle Reichhelt says, "pull up a chair!"

​Skateboard by Mari Pohlman.

Gifts between $150 and $250 

We love art that blends function and aesthetics. Whether it is a quilt, a skateboard, or an interpretation of a time turner made from wire and wool—read on for fun and function!

  1. Support women makers in Haiti and the tradition of folk art when you buy from the organization Peace Quilts. Nothing says happy holidays like the figurative and literal warmth of creativity and skill.

  2. Abstract art skateboard? Yes, please. Texas artist Mari Pohlman will have your street and home ready with her art.

  3. For multi-sensory and layered works on wood, explore Tara Leaver’s paintings. 

  4. Photography can be abstract too! Check out artist McCain McMurray. His collection Pictures of Nothing has several artworks in the $100-$200 price range. 

  5. For bold and deep colors, check out Katie Willes. Her Jellybean Row paintings are the sweet spot, literally. 

  6. If you know anyone who likes moody photography of stark architectural structures, James H. Marks is the photographer for them.

  7. Contemporary painter and collage artist Pamela Staker has small mixed media abstracts to brighten up any space. Plus, some of her work is sold already framed!

  8. For black and white photography of people and places, look to artist Brad Mirman. Mirman is all about capturing fleeting moments and interactions.

  9. We love Shana Kohnstamm’s playful teasing of fine art and skilled craft. Her candy-colored sculptural and felted works communicate joy. 

"they say I circle around you. Nonsense. I circle around me" by Annette Nieukerk". ink, graphite, and enamel on mylar, 12 x 9 in. $400.00

Art gifts from $250 to $500

Splurge on art for the ones you love!

  1. Annette Nieukerk explores female form and identity in her visually enthralling figurative works. Come along for the ride with her You Dance in My Chest Collection.

  2. Enjoy Martin D. Hyde’s abstract, figural, and emotionally fuelled paintings and sculptures. Hyde focuses his art on subjects of isolation, a theme in 2020 that we can all relate to.

  3. We love artist Susan Hensel’s digital embroidery and sculptural works. Her Red Collection and Works on Paper have artworks in the $250-$400 range. 

  4. Sabrina Frey is a glass bead mosaic artist. Explore her wide range of works or reach out for a commission!

  5. Explore the mythic and strange with Chas Martin’s painted sculptures. His mixed media masks leave a mark. 

  6. Dianne Jean Erickson is an encaustic printmaker and painter. She explores texture, abstraction, and the human form in her works. 

  7. Seattle based Italian artist Leonardo Lanzolla creates paintings inspired by everything from Basquiat to cave paintings. We love the creatures and etchings in his 2020 Collection.

  8. Tila Studios is a visual arts incubator created to showcase and sell art made by Black Women Artists. Tila Studios features 16 artists with art ranging in medium from textiles, painting, and photography and with price points from $120 to the thousands. We love Rita Mercer's photography and Ellex Swavoni's bright sculptural works. 

  9. Liz Mares embraces the use of lines and layers as she creates and pieces together her artworks on paper. For geometric printwork, precise abstraction, and reimaginings of place, Mares is your artist.

Looking for more gifts of art to give this year? You can see more artists and browse thousands of artworks on Discovery


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