The holiday season is upon us! Are you stuck on gift ideas?

Artists work extremely hard all year-round—they are art entrepreneurs after all! So, when the holidays roll around, it’s the perfect time to show how much you appreciate all they do by gifting them something extra special and from the heart. While that usually requires a lot of brainstorming, research and time spent shopping, we love artists, too and wanted to help!

Check out our holiday gift ideas for artists below, filled with tons of options sure to appeal to their creative side, make their lives easier, get them inspired, and let them have some fun! 


A Subscription Box for Artists

Have you heard of those subscription services like FabFitFun that deliver a monthly box of goodies to your door? Well, now companies offer subscriptions boxes made specifically for artists to enjoy! Get your artist a year’s worth of monthly art projects with SmartArtBox, or an ArtSnacks box filled with supplies curated to inspire them to create.


Creative Block-Busting Journals

Every artist deals with creative block at some point in their career, so why not help them be prepared when it happens? There are a ton of fun options to break the funk, like a Complete This Drawing book, The Steal Like an Artist or Creative Block interactive journals, and 642 Things to Draw inspirational sketchbook.


Professional Photo Session

You’ve probably learned from your artist by now just how important art marketing is to growing their art business. Help them beef up their online presence by booking a session with a photographer to capture some high-quality headshots and studio shots. It’s something they might not be able to splurge on otherwise, and it will show your support for their dream career and make them feel extra professional and confident!


Flexible Tripod

Help your artist up their Instagram game with a flexible tripod for their smartphone - perfect for taking non-blurry images of their work, hands-free studio shots, or timelapse videos that will make fans go wild.  And they’re a steal, we found this one for under $7 on Amazon! 

Art Museum Membership

Is there an art museum near where you live? Museums are a great place for artists to explore, get inspired, and learn more about the art world, past, present, and future! Plus, it’s something they may not think to treat themselves with! And, many annual memberships are cheaper than you’d think—The Denver Art Museum offers individual memberships for only $55. 

Studio Storage

Organization may not seem like the most *fun* gift of all, but we’re telling you, that feeling of finally getting organized is a gift that keeps on giving all year long! For artists who need help cleaning up their studio space, check out these rolling carts, this DIY pegboard, or a drying rack for your expensive brushes. Not exactly sure what would help the most? A gift card to The Container Store or IKEA is a great substitute!


Art Supplies Gift Card

Speaking of supplies for the studio… We asked artists to name the best gifts they’ve ever received, and the winner was a clear—a gift certificate to their favorite art supplies store. Simple, but oh so appreciated by artists of any level! Blick Art Materials offers certificates online or delivered to your door. Or, see if your local art supply store is offering any good deals, too!


Set of Postcards

There are other ways to get the creative juices flowing besides creating! Brighten their day with a set of postcards that can be used just for fun. Suggest they start corresponding with fellow artists (hello pen pals!?) or whip them out whenever they need a break in the studio. Our favorites? A set of famous works from The Met, these classic VanGogh or Monet collections, and this set of 100 Pantone swatches for the color lovers!

Art Books

One of the most difficult parts about starting your own art business is that you no longer have a built-in support system. There isn’t anyone telling you to get to the studio at a certain hour, or a manager to turn to when you start to doubt your progress. That’s why books are the perfect answer! It’s a concrete place to turn for inspiration or business advice, to help artists feel like they're not alone on this path! Artist Dana Piazza recalls Art/Work being one of the best gifts he’s ever received as an artist. Check out our other book recommendations here.


Art-Themed Stocking Stuffers

The smallest of gifts can sometimes bring the most holiday cheer! If you’re in need of some cute stocking stuffers, check out our picks: Mini easels to dress up your dining table or desk space. Socks featuring famous works from Degas, Picasso, Klimt, Monet, and more. Garden seed kits supporting local artists. A chalkboard table runner for creative diners of all ages. Or graphic T-shirt guaranteed to make them chuckle.


A Public Art Tour

Some gifts don’t need to come in a box! Gift your artist with a tour of the public art around your city. Find out what’s in your area, map it out, and research fun facts about each installation. Add in a fun lunch spot, and you’ll have a fantastic day to remember!

Supporting Other Makers

Supporting artists is so important to the arts community. Show your support with a handmade gift from a holiday fair or a site like Etsy that offers millions of unique items like this delicate “Art is Life” bracelet, this cute statement tee, a leather roll-up paint brush case, this artist tools necklace and cute charm bracelet, a mini Pantone pin, a painted Frida Kahlo planter, a “Support Your Local Artist” T-shirt, or this personalized wood paint brush holder.


Games for Artists

Pictionary not cutting it on game night? Try an art auction game where you bid on famous works and try to collect the highest values. An art museum game where you become a world-class curator, collect famous artwork, and organize exhibitions in order to save the failing museum. A Bob Ross board game where you earn "chill points" by painting landscape features using colors and brushes from your hand of cards. Or, a color puzzle that tests even a seasoned artist’s visual palette by using only their color instincts to assemble it. 

Legion’s Artist Pad Collection

Art supplies are highly personal. There are so many options and ranges of quality when it comes to materials that, as a non-artist, it can be a gamble to gift supplies for an artist in your life. 

That's why we love gifting the Legion Artist Pad Collection. It offers every artist a wide range of high-quality paper textures and luxurious weights. The brightly colored drawing sets are perfect for watercolors, charcoal, graphite, ink, color pencil, mixed media—most mediums! There are enough pages in these packs that you can really get a feel for each of the high-end papers and surfaces or stick with a favorite. Plus, they are a delight to look at on your desk!


A Spa Day

Artists work with their hands, are on their feet, and hunched over a table all day long. And if they don’t feel their best, they can’t keep making their best work. Tired artist bodies would benefit from nothing more than a little relaxation and stretching out at the spa this holiday season! Or if you’re looking for something a bit longer-lasting, take a look at this heated hand massager to take away artists’ aches!


A Music Streaming Service

Does your artist like to listen to music or podcasts as they create? Consider gifting them with a Spotify or Pandora subscription for the year, so they don’t have to keep listening to commercials that interrupt their artistic flow.


Studio Decor

Does your artist’s studio lack… inspiration? Brighten up their creative space with some fun decor this holiday season - a comfy chair for break time, a roll of funky wallpaper for an accent wall, a new stool to help with back pain, or some coffee mugs or pillows printed with their own work!

Artwork Archive Subscription

The gift of seamless art business management can help a professional artist jumpstart their art business in 2020. Artwork Archive offers feature-packed, powerful, and easy-to-use art inventory software where they can track their artwork, locations, sales, shows, contacts, and more. Plus, generate one-click professional reports like invoices, wall labels, and portfolio pages, and give them an easy way to share their artwork online. They’ll thank you at their next packed gallery opening!

Original Art

It’s no secret that artists LOVE art! And, we’ll bet that they have dropped hints about who their artist crushes are on, too. Artist Tammy Medlin was gifted a painting of one of her favorite artists and said it was the best gift she ever received! Another great idea? Artist Tina Tepe said her favorite present and a total surprise was a watercolor portrait of herself from her best artist friend! Consider springing for some cool pottery pieces as well, or a sweet portrait of your pet, home, or favorite vacation spot! And check out more picks from our “Original Art Gift Guide” here.


Artist Magazine Subscription 

Something artists might not spend money on but would like to enjoy? A subscription to their favorite artist magazine. Some of our favorites include PleinAir Magazine for outdoor painters, Professional Artist Magazine for new art business strategies, or Juxtapoz Magazine for news surrounding arts and culture.


Art History Vacation

Artist Theresa Heinrichs hit the jackpot with her favorite gift of all time—she was surprised with a trip to France to see the works of Monet and Van Gogh! If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big!


Adult Coloring Books

Sometimes, artists just want to create without all the pressure! So if your artist hasn’t jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon, it’s about time! The gift of peace and stress relief—they won’t know how to thank you enough. Oprah herself recommends these favorites!

Unconditional Love and Support

The best gifts come from the heart, and what could mean more to your artist than your full support of their dreams? That’s what Shana Kohnstamm answered as her favorite gift: “The freedom and support to pursue art-making as my sole occupation. Thanks spouse!” Remind your artist just how proud you are of them, and your words will forever mean the world to them.


‘Tis the season!

We hope this gift list for artists leaves you inspired for the creatives in your life! No matter what you choose to give this holiday season, remember that the best gifts come from the heart. Want more great ideas? Check out last year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Artists here

Want to help your artist grow their business this year? Don’t forget to sign them up for Artwork Archive.