Learn how to purchase, protect and preserve your art collection.

The last few years have seen significant changes in the way we consume art.

This comprehensive guide provides art enthusiasts and collectors the tools and knowledge needed to manage their art collections in an ever-evolving landscape.

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The Essential Guide to Collecting Art


Expert tips on:

  • Building better buying strategies
  • Documenting your collection
  • Caring for your collection
  • Displaying and preserving your artwork
  • Selling and donating your pieces
  • Working with art professionals

This guide brings together the voices of seasoned art collectors and art professionals to provide guidance to those in search of better collecting practices. Our goal is to equip collectors with the tools and knowledge they need to purchase, preserve and protect their art collection.

We have divided this book up into three sections: acquiring artwork, caring for your art collection, and divesting your collection.

From those just starting to collect art to those with years of experience, this book has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in where to buy artwork, how to protect your collection or how to sell your art investment, this guide provides expert insights into how to best manage your art collection.

Here are a few things you can expect to learn about:

  • Primary art market vs. secondary art market
  • Documentation & provenance for buying artwork
  • Buying art on a budget
  • Brief guides to paintings, sculpture & works on paper
  • Conserving your art collection
  • How to commission an artwork
  • Concerns when buying art online
  • Working with art conservator & art appraisers
  • Protecting the value of your art collection
  • How to catalog your art collection
  • Intro to insuring your art collection
  • Working with an art advisor
  • Estate planning for art collectors
  • Donating and lending your artwork

You can get all of this and more for free in the Essential Guide to Collecting Art and we hope you find something new and valuable in it. For more great content and resources, we encourage you to visit our blog. And, for those of you looking for a better way to organize and manage your art collection, make sure to check out Artwork Archive.